Jute Netting Erosion Control Blanket (4' x 225' roll)

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  • 4 feet wide x 225 feet long
  • Material: Jute


  • Comparable to jute netting from Home Depot and Lowes
  • Natural product
  • Lasts 1-2 years
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Great for erosion or new seeding
  • Secured to the ground using landscape staples
  • 30-day return policy
  • Free shipping (4 business days) to continental USA

Installation Instructions

  1. Prepare the soil by grading or raking the area free of clods and large stones. A Bobcat or tractor may be needed for large jobs. Do not compact. If using fertilizer, add it to the soil before grading.
  1. Seeds and Mulch (if required) should be distributed evenly over the prepared soil.
  1. Jute Netting should be applied by unrolling down the slope or in the direction of water-flow.  
  2. Dig a trench across the top of the slope. This trench should be 6 inches by 6 inches.
  1. Install the jute netting in the trench. Place at least 12 inches of the roll above the trench (further up the slope). Space each staple about a foot apart inside the trench
  1. Once staples are installed inside the trench, backfill and compact dirt inside the trench.
  1. Bring the extra 12 inches of the jute roll (on step 5) and cover the trench area. Use additional staples (1 foot apart) secure.
  2. Place staples 18” to 24” apart throughout to secure matting to ground.  All staples must be driven flush with soil surface.
  3. Always overlap the edges 2” to 6”.  At the end of each roll, fold back 4” to 9” of the matting.  Overlap this 4” to 8” over the start of the next roll.  Securely staple the two layers to the ground.


From controlling erosion to stabilizing slopes, jute netting will get the job done. Grown from jute plants, jute netting is 100% biodegradable, providing an environmentally friendly method of erosion control. 

Other names for Jute Netting: Erosion Control Matting, Erosion Control Blanket, and Erosion Blanket

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