6-inch Circle Top Pins Sod Staples

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  • Material: 8-gauge steel
    • Size: 6 in. x 1 in. x 6 in.
    • Circle Top
      • Makes hammering them into the ground easier


    • Circle top enables faster application
    • Perfect for use in the yard, dog fences, and landscaping
    • Heavy duty landscape staples sold in bulk
    • Commercial grade
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    Easy installation: These Sandbaggy circle top pins are commercial grade staples that will help you get the job done. From holding down landscape fabric to dog fences, these reusable sod staples can handle it. With the circle top, hammering the staples into the ground is much easier. Made with 8-gauge steel, these staples will make applying the staples to the ground that much easier. 

    Other names for Landscape Staples: Garden Stakes, Sod Staples, Fence Staples, Sod Depot, Landscape Fabric Pins, Landscape Fabric Staples, Landscape Stakes, Steel Stakes, Lawn Staples, Anchor Pins, Sod Pins and Ground Staples



    1. Depending on how hard your soil is, separate each sod staple between 1-5 ft. For very soft soil, separate each staple by 1 ft. For very hard soil, separate each staple by 5 ft.
    Tools required for landscape staples installation:
    • Hammer
    • Gloves


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