31x45 Thick Heavy Duty Contractor Bags, Garbage Bags, Construction Trash Bags - Wholesale Bulk Quantities

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  • Size: 31 in. x 45 in.
  • 50-100 lbs weight capacity
  • White
  • 6 mil thick


  • Thick heavy duty contractor trash bags
  • Empty sandbags for sale
  • Photodegradable
  • Great for storing materials & making flood barriers
  • Sack race bags for adults and children
  • 30-day return policy
  • Free shipping (4 business days) to continental USA


Heavy duty, lots of applications: Our rugged Sandbaggy sandbags are made with thick weaves allowing for heavy-duty applications like storing materials, sandbagging, landscaping, construction, and building flood barriers. The weave count is 10x10. Our tough, coarsely-woven sandbags can be used for so many different applications, including as sack race bags.

Other names for Sandbags: Poly Bags, Sandbag, Sandbagging, Empty Sandbags, Sand bags, Military Sandbags, Polypropylene Bags, Sand bag


What size sandbag should I buy?

  • 14" x 26": for flood control, erosion control, military fortification. Not recommended for storing materials because too small.
  • 18" x 30": for flood control, erosion control, storing materials/food
  • 25" x 40": for storing materials/food, sack racing
  • 31" x 45": for storing materials like shoes 

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